Jen’s Golden Square Shawl

Jen posted her Golden Square Shawl that she debuted at the Festival Twist this year to Ravelry!

This pattern is available as a free Ravelry download

The Golden Square Shawl is a garter stitch shawl that forms ¾ of a square. The large back panel keeps you warm when worn flat, and the lofty silk can be wrapped around your neck like a scarf for a sleeker look. By knitting the shawl with two strands of silk on large needles, the resulting material is light and luxurious.

Gauge: 10 sts and 11 rows = 4” (10 cm) in unblocked garter stitch
Gauge is not extremely important in this project. A change in gauge simply means that you will add or remove rows to obtain a shawl that measures 62” (157 cm) along the neckline.

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Festival Twist 2015

Had an awesome time in Quebec this weekend at the Festival Twist. Thanks to everyone who came by, I enjoyed talking fibres and art. The food was spectacular, the crafts represented were beyond count, and it was great to practice french again in a very intensive 2 day course!

Here is the list of patterns I had display items for at the show (and where you can find them):

The Amiga Cardigan in silk from Knitty

The Alcina pattern in lace cotton from Rowan

The Spring Lace top in 3ply/fingering hemp (paper copy purchase) from LanaKnits Designs

The Spring Lace top in 3ply/fingering hemp (PDF copy purchase) from Patternfish

Amazing cardigans made from luscious silk! Thanks for bringing your beautiful work by.

I can’t wait to get started on some of the collaborations I was talking to people about during the Festival. Two more shows to go, and this year, I am ahead of the game on the Xmas gift front!


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Twisting Out Today

I am heading out to the Twist Festuval today! Looking forward to seeing everyone again, its been a long year!

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Hail fell today!

First time I have ever been able to photograph this phenomenon. That is me on the video saying ow as I got hit by ice getting the video!

We both have steel roofs so the noise was pretty extreme.

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Many More Cowls

I finished my comparison hemp cowls! I made both the 6ply hemp cowl (posted earlier to this one) and just finished a 3ply hemp cowl in the same dimensions, pattern and needles.

Here they are side by side.

Close ups of the 3 ply version. It is light and airy.

The 6 ply cowl weighs 137.5 grams. The 3 ply cowl weighs 58.6 grams.

Today I hauled out my blue mannequin! This is the 6 ply cowl.

Doubled up, which will likely result in a longer and heavier pattern after I wash and block this sample. Plenty of room to make a 150 gram cowl I think.

And the 3 ply cowl.

This is the mercerized cotton fingering scarf.

The white DK cotton.

I also made a tightly woven cowl from the same yarn, on 4 mm needles.

I really like lace the best. Earlier in the year though, I was trying out a host of thick cotton yarns with a book cable pattern (that I have begun demonstrating in a post a few back).

These were made on needles from 7 to 10 mm. Cotton.

Wool –  handpainted in BC by Riverstone Yarns.

And a version in 6 plies of silk.

And finally, I experimented with making a shrug in cotton.


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Working On Some New Patterns

I have been making a lot of cowls lately! I was working with a thick cotton yarn, but could not find enough to sell. So I took my cowl ideas and adapted them to yarns I have available in stock! I am working on making very lacy pieces. These work very well in hemp, as the fabric has loads of room to soften up as it wears in. Some of my hand towels are very dense and while they absorb plenty of water, people don’t always like the feel (or hand) of the yarn when contemplating making an item that will sit against the skin. I am making these cowls to show off how amazing hemp can feel as a garment! And also linen, cotton, and silk. Lets see how these non stretchy yarns do!

This first cowl is from a worsted hemp yarn on 9mm needles.

This cowl is a DK cotton yarn. My first attempt at loose lace. I used a yarn over to make the “holes”. I also did the pattering as stockinette then garter then stockinette. Lastly I read the pattern backwards from top to bottom, accidentally. I love the colour and cowl size, but not the “fabric” result from this yarn.

I moved on to my favorite hemp yarn – 6 ply natural. Changed up the pattern to garter stockinette garter and made the pattern the right way from bottom to top. I also changed up the make one part of the pattern using a twist rather than yarn over. I love the result! Waiting on a second pattern to decide if the sizing works (someone asked me about doubling up the cowl around their neck. Will know better once this baby is washed.

Made a shorter version of the same cowl in a fingering cotton yarn. Still in love with how the “fabric” turns out.

The most current version is in 3 ply natural hemp. I like the feel of the yarn even before washing on this one. Another few days and I will have a direct comparison between the 6 ply and 3 ply hemp versions.

Next I will try out a silk version (double yarn and single) then a worsted hemp version in hand dyed colours!

This pattern is only available in chart format at present. If you would like to try this pattern out (I could use other testers than myself), please email me at I will send along yarn and the pattern in exchange for your sample item and comments on the pattern. I would like to keep samples for the 2015 show season, after which the product would be returned to you.

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Slender Stockinette Vest

I made another vest, this one more slender in design. Next vest I will play around with the back piece. I want it to flow more….

I switched back to making cowls, to test out a yarn for friend. I tried a lace pattern switching away from the cables I’ve been working on. Its a nice change, but a bit hard to see the pattern clearly. Can’t wait to get this one off the needles.

This vest is made from farmablefibres mercerized cotton fingering yarn, on 8mm needles. It weighs 39 gms.

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