Pick-up pattern of the week – Mixed Twill

The Minute Purl & Loop loom is very cute and is a great tiny loom to make samples on. Comes in a pack of three and of course I like the one with the most pegs. I can get 20 ends of single yarns or 39 ends doubled up on the wee loom. Fabulous for a variety of patterns.

This pattern is my first and a general favorite. I picked this pattern in Weaving 1 for my first ever scarf. I made it again on my first alone weaving project. After making all these little samples I will also happily use it for a bracelet weaving class in the future.

It is from The Handweaver’s Pattern Directory, (page 39).

Mixed Twill 01 (Sails)
pattern grouping of 4 yarns

Row 1: over 1, under 2, 3, 4, repeat to end of row
Row 2: under 4, 3, over 1, 2, repeat to end of row
Row 3: over 1, 2, 3 under 4, repeat to end of row
Row 4: over 4, under 1, 2, 3, repeat to end of row

Repeat these four rows.

I made 7 samples before I found the yarn I will be using for my future samples.

This is the how the pattern looks on the weaving software.


These are all of the samples together, first straight off the loom and then washed up (washing machine for all and for the hemp & cotton in the dryer) except for the silk sample that did not get washed at all.



The top left is a thick cotton on the largest loom (5 epi – ends per inch).


I tried worsted merino on the mid sized loom (9 epi).


I also tried out a worsted hemp and wool yarn.


On the smallest loom (11 epi), I tried out many more yarns before hitting upon the one I want to use for all the rest. A thinner cotton yarn.


The worsted hemp looks great but was too stiff for the loom, made it hard to remove the sample from the loom pegs.


I warped on double strands in silk to test a 39 yarn ends sample.


It’s quite neat to see the different yarns up close. I have a macro lens on my camera that I used for all of these pictures! The yarn that shows the pattern most cleanly is a 6 ply hemp. I use tabby on the edges for a selvage and at the top and bottom for an even start to the piece.

Fresh off the loom.


After a wash and dry.



A few closeups.



Happy weaving!



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Pick-up pattern of the week – the basics

I have a few odds and ends left over from the show. I sold an extra large loom to a lady and her kids and failed to put the pick up stick in with the parts. Another lady who came to try out the looms left her bag of yarns from Mary Maxim on the floor by the table! If you fit this description, please let me know and I can drop them off to you on my next trip to Toronto.

As discussed with many people at the Creativ Festival last weekend, I will start writing out weaving patterns for the tapestry loom. I must still figure out how to illustrate things! Mainly I want to show patterns in both balanced weaves and weft faced weaves. Lol, and maybe a rug version too, just to cover all the bases.

The most basic weaving stitch is plain weave/tabby. With an even number of warp yarns, the pick-up rows alternate between the even and the odd yarns above or below, when making your shed.


Basket weave is a version of tabby using 2 threads. I drew up in 2 ways.


Twill patterning is the final basic stitch I made these graphic pics for. There are many many variations of twill patterns. I based the first pattern on a repeat of 3 yarns. The stitch goes over 1 yarn and under 2 yarns, and the over position yarn advances in each of the 3 rows that make up the pattern.

Row 1: In a count of 3 – over yarn 1 and under yarns 2 & 3, repeat to end of row.
Row 2: under yarn 1, over yarn 2 and under yarns 3 & 1, repeat to end of row, end on under 3.
Row 3: under yarns 1 & 2, over yarn 3, repeat to end of row.


The twill pattern also works well in a repeat of 4.


And finally a twill going over 2 yarns as in basket weave.


I sold all my looms at Creativ and my new order of looms does not arrive until next week. I guess I’ll just have to finish up some knitting!


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More Tapestry Loom Weaving on the Lisa Loom

I can’t wait for the tapestry weaving classes I’m teaching at the Creativ Festival in (whoa) one week! I finished two more pieces on the small Lisa loom. I also started a pick-up weaving piece on the large loom that landed on my door step recently! Each one has let me test out the new yarns. The next piece on the small loom with be a mix of all the yarns.

I have many colours ready in a chenile-like yarn for the show. I want to make the largest rug I can on the extra large sized Lisa loom from this yarn (hmmm, gotta open that box). It feels so nice for covering for a cold winter floor! I plan to make the rug in a quilt inspired pattern, and I tested out the yarn with both pattern and texture on the small loom first.


On the larger loom I plan on using a thicker edge yarn to hold things in place more easily. It will be fun to try out a tapestry loom with edge floats!This yarn is the best at covering the warp yarns.



It took me the longest to finish a focused picture on the small Lisa loom. It was fun figuring out how to adapt a picture idea into a tapestry.


I was playing around with different textures and 3D effects. I ended up with a giant pile of ends on the back.


I have a new camera attachment for my new phone. I was playing around with the macro lens and my weaving. I think I like this first one for a banner.



The next piece will be on the large Lisa loom.


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Archeology, Spinning and Weaving

The article for these pictures has been published in the Oct 17 Homespun News, the newsletter for the Kitchener-Waterloo Weaver’s and Spinner’s Guild. https://kwws.org/


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The Lisa Loom has also arrived

Just after Labour day the first of my Louet Lisa loom order made it to my place. I ordered the small size as I like it for teaching.

Here is a box:


And all the parts that it comes with. Easy to ssemble and quick to get started weaving on. Of course I grabbed some cotton yarn for the warp.


The channels are a great depth, everything holds nicely in place while warping.




I started with a skinny yarn for the weft, but had to change-up to find a yarn beginners would have fun playing and exploring with! Thankfully, my local supplier came to the rescue. Cambridge Fibres had about 6 lbs of this fibre, that I can’t stop staring at. The change of colour once woven up was so much fun to play with.



I have all these great mini weaving tools, collected over the years.


For the first piece on the loom I used only the Louet provided tools, and added a darning needle. I also used my fingers when adding some texture to the piece. I sewed in ends on the back of the piece.


The yarn is fairly slippery, so I definitely want to sew this bulky weaving down to make the start of a case. I think this size will fit a mini ipad. But I also like it for a small pillow that I can use as a pincushion. I guess it will depend on when I find a good match piece for the other side!

I have 2 burgundy/purple fabrics on hand.


I like the colour that leans more purple, cut the edge strips and a backing piece.


I broke a needle getting the fluffiness through the machine! I sewed down a double row to hold everything in place and left a generous amount of edge to play around with later on.




I am going to slow down and pick up an overshot pattern with this yarn next.

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So many updates! This time Erica is coming!!

I’m excited that Louet has a new table loom (The Erica) that will be coming later this year, and I pre-ordered 3 versions! I can’t wait to get some pictures of a 2-shaft version, a 4-shaft version and all the accessories.

Flax update pictures will have to do!


I should have weeded more, and I think I need a method to keep the flax straight up nd down.





And a visitor.







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The Flax Cometh

Its soooo pretty!


Thank goodness a phenomenal amount sprouted. The garden patch feels a lot less bare now. All the varieties are growing nicely.












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