Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend

I did it! I found this pattern in the charts I made of possibilities and I made THIS one.  And this is not even what I want to do. What I want to do is incorporate some nice lace in with the pattern. But first this then that.

As a total aside, I’m surrounded by molting birdies. And feathers.

I see the culprit!

Ah but he begs for mercy.

Oh right, back to the yarn!

I went to both the Woodstock Fibre Festival and the Toronto Creativ Festival this weekend. Woodstock was awesome – homey and friendly – I found really nice plant fibre roving. Toronto was amazing fun and I got a serger. I also found great books at both. Lace books!

I have started setting in a pattern over my chart. Its too big to see on one screen, so here is a part:

The first piece was 27 grams. I have 69 grams left. So I’ll be making a second piece with the lace edging the colours first. Then I’ll make another piece with more lace incorporated into the centres of the diamonds. Then I’ll see if I have enough yarn left for anything else!

I’m very happy with my second dye lot of trial yarns. This first dye lot is fun, but I’m not sure I would go with the exact same combination again. More gradiations of the magenta and blue I think.

The endless question comes up, again. Should I do this? Or look harder for a steady paying job? Hah. Its nice still having the steady paying job. Bring on the resume.

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