Resume? Check.

Well I got it done. I was dragging my heels, but last night I buckled down and got a new edition of my resume together. A few proof reads later and I’ll even think about applying to another job. I wish this one was not running out of money so hard. But I gotta think; door closing, door opening. I just hate that moving forward makes this feel like the door is slamming shut behind me.

The farm is reflecting my mood.

Most of the crops are gone now. Last year there was corn standing on the fields when the snows came. This year, people seem to be clearing things earlier. The crops are drying better this year. We probably have not has as much rain as last year. I can’t tell this year. Since August I’ve been back and forth to Vancouver for work every other month. Back one last time in Nov. But it means I have no weather sense here this year.

The seasons march on without me.

Next plan, I need to make a website and business cards. Also, I saw a really cool device that someone posted on Ravelry to wind yarn onto. Pretty much a dowel with perpendicular ends on it. Easy to build, I already have the parts (not in any way fancy) on hand. So that’s my next physical project. Pics when complete! I can’t wait! I plan to wrap yarn on it for more precise hand dyeing. : )

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One Response to Resume? Check.

  1. pip says:

    lovely farm shots and a great plan… looking forward to updates on your website building šŸ™‚

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