I like hats

And I wear them. I grew up wearing hats pretty much. I burn to a crisp and get heat stroke in the summer if I forget my hat, and in the winter I freeze without it. Some days I even wear my hood over my hat. I walk to work and I like to be comfortable when I do. Last August my husband was accepted to grad studies after he had been out of work for a year. The parking pass at $32 per month went. Last winter was a good year to start walking 6kms to and from work every day. It was the warmest winter on record! This year I have already traded up my Tilley hat for my wooley one that covers my ears better. Ah but I’m always missing the brim that shades my eyes from the sun.

I gave this one away to an aunt last year for xmas. Doing the lace crochet edge was a lot of fun. I used a vintage cotton for crochet I have had around for ages in my stash. Probably handed down from a relative.

Its incredible how long yarn can last. I have stuff in my own collection that is around a decade old. But from relatives, some of that could be a half century. Its always funny that I’m ever in search of older patterns myself!

I made this beret from a sirdar wool, acrylic and cotton blend that also fair Isle stripes.

I love the way the spiral colours pool.

I’m on a group on Ravelry that looks at how patterns will pool in the way yarns are dyed. Its fascinating but impossible to do for a hat very well. Charts are pretty sqaure. With the other charted projects I reallywant to know what the pattern will be. I want to chose what the pattern i will make will be. I love that there is choice.

Hats are more spontaneous. And fun and playful.

Heh, and quick to make!

My first try at making a fedora and what do I get? Giligan’s Island bucket hat. I made this with hempwol from Lana Knits.

Absolutely adorable hat.

Paddington Bear anyone?

I did make the fedorah from cotton. Gotta look up what it is though. Bought it for the occasional blanket need when the yarn was on sale.

And that’s just the ones I’ve knitted that I took pics of, in the last little while. I also like to sew and buy them. I probably have as many pairs of shoes as I have hats.

Mmm eating the rest of the halloween candy.

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One Response to I like hats

  1. pip says:

    I love your hats… the island bucket one is so cute and the last one (a trilby?) is fabulous. In fact, I love them all as it’s like putting on a different persona each day.

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