Technical Difficulties

Ooops I lost a bunch of pictures I took at the farm a few weeks ago. I went back this week, and those same fields have now been tilled under. For this year those pictures are truely gone. Always back up! They now exist only in my mind. And they ended up serving a useful purpose. I love to make videos. But they take a lot of time. And I’m a much better photographer and graphic designer than videoprgrapher and editor. The pics were great. They needed only a minimum of editing to be ready. They had stark colour differences and conveyed emotion to my liking. And I can take them again, albeit in the nieghbour’s field now….! So I give up video a little bit more. Maybe in the future. If I can come to love it more than yarn. Hah.

The other reason it doesn’t matter so much is because I already have a ton of farm pics! Please let me show you around.

FIL bought this property back in the 80s. And paid a double digit mortgage on it for a time. When the rents said they were thhinking of selling the place we said, no way!

And took over the management of the place. Its 60 acres worked – rented to a local pig farmer for crops for the animals. 15 acres woods, and about 5 acres around the house and former barn parts. The house is about 150 years old.

The major jobs we are undertaking – remortaring the house and fixing the post foundations: removing the orginal wood beams/posts and replacing it all with metal foundations. We have the engineering plans to get a permit with. And the work force is pretty much local. We also plan to relevel the house, a minimum 2 year procedure. I’m starting to strip wood in the kitchen, pretty much learning how to do that in an area that gets repainted anyways. Many many different paints in this place to learn to remove! Much worth saving.

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One Response to Technical Difficulties

  1. pip says:

    I love this place… the windows are spectacular and their views are perfect 🙂
    We’ve been renovating a small stone and slate cottage in france for the last few years ( and I’ve enjoyed every minute. Can’t wait for the day when it’s ready for us to move in!

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