Still an Indie Dyer

I wrapped and soaked everything up for round two of dyeing. I prioritized what I want to dye up first second third, etc..

The final lineup I ended up wrapping. More scavenged cottons linens and hemps.

In the end I’m left with two fully dyed skiens. About six partially dyed skiens. And a lots of really wet but undyed skiens. Not close to production dying yet. Not close to repeatablility yet. I am going to rejigger how I dye yet again! But I’m pretty happy about this next step. I like these larger bulk skiens I could make this time around. But I also want them to be bigger in diameter. I need a larger skien winder than I have, which also means I’ll need a larger swift too. So everything went back out to the lines to dry – dyed or not!

I did end up with two spectacular skeins this round. I’m calling this Tequilla Sunrise. One skien is 100% hemp and one is Pattons Martinique cotton/acrylic blend. The colours are smashing in both. Its great to see how consistent the colours CAN be! Now to see how consistent I can make my dyeing. I have been reading discussions about whether to agitate the yarn or not. I’m now officially not a fan of agitating. Doesn’t seem necessary. And I’ll be able to dye more consistently if I can remove both agitation and the number of ties I use to keep the yarn from tangling.

I can’t wait to use a bit of this colour in a project! The hemp is above the cotton/acrylic blend below.

The acrylic close up.

Its always hard to show colours off well! I tried the table for a background as well.

And this is the hemp yarn. I can’t wait to work with this. I have tried my best to show where I left tie dye spots in the yarn! The capillary action of the yarn with the dye is intense. And very hard to control in my present process. I thought that dipping like a candle would be better. But no of course not. The darn stuff travels even further. I’m planning to have two shallow baths side by side now – the dye and a water bath – to keep the dye at bay via dillution. I’ll try to take pics (hah if it works) when I get set up.



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2 Responses to Still an Indie Dyer

  1. pip says:

    beautiful colours… I’d love to see some of it knitted up πŸ™‚ I love pinks and oranges together.

  2. As quick as I can! I can’t wait πŸ™‚ Darn swatching….

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