A Scarf From Yarn I Dyed Myself

Everyone says this yarn is icky to work with. There are dire warnings online about how this superwash is anything but. It does feel like cheap wool. But it doesn’t make noises like the acrylic wool blends do on plastic needles. So I do believe this is an all wool product. The mittens I made (hmmmmm still have to repair the one mitten!) are keeping my hands nice and warm in this wet, rainy 5C weather. And they also did a great job when we had -8C and snow when I doubled them up with my gloves.

From the comments I have read thus far, this wool could be a really hard resell.

From dyeing up this skein myself with nothing but packs of koolaid and a minature microwave at work… I like this stuff. It will work great for teaching purposes.

I’m still torn about how much of this I should buy and keep stock of.

Here is the scarf I decided to quickly make for a trial piece I can throw it in the wash to see how it does. If I decide to do that to this piece. Also toying with just hand washing it, to see how it lasts that way. Gah, but then I will still hhave to make something to throw in the wash…..!

I LOVE how it took the colours.


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One Response to A Scarf From Yarn I Dyed Myself

  1. pip says:

    well done… it looks great! I’d handwash it and knit up a smaller sample to test machine wash 🙂

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