Not Enough Sun

Its funny about being here in Vancouver, coming from a city with Water in the name already. I made a couple more hats, finished the scarf with a crochet edge, and made one of a pair of wrist warmers from the orange wool I dyed. But without the sun the pictures don’t look nice at all. Its hard to see the variations in colours.

Instead I must post some pics I took when I was flying! Even some sun!

It never lasts enough when I’m up in the air in the winter…

I find when I am in the west visiting lotus land that I really can’t get enough of the mountains. At home we have rolling hills. But here the vistas are simply stunning.

Any view, from the air or the ground is filled with the magnificent and majestic.

Spot the birdies? Heh I’m such a fan and I miss the little feather balls back home. This fine fellow puffed right out for me!

One of my favorite shots, I took this on my walk one day between work and where I stay.

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One Response to Not Enough Sun

  1. pip says:

    wow! These photos are just amazing.

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