Happy Day! Happy Weekend!

The sun came out. I was going to post a set of Rocky pics, but instead I have had a chance to take more pictures ofthe wool pieces I ave been working on. Its my goal to finish them and set that stuff down for a while. I want to make kits out the yarn I did buy. Even if its not awesome wool – I made a wrist warmer and already I’m looking forward to the misty alpaca yarn sitting at home…. ! I didn’t get the other 680 balls. I asked for a discount to equal the shipping it would take me to get it home and they did not come even close. Now that I know how much I also enjoy dyeing wool too, I will keep my eye out for it from suppliers. But I’m focusing on the bast fibres in terms of inventory for now. And when I get home I will try some spinning! I’m betting its going to be “twine” quality yarn to start.

The lineup:

Crochet gives a nice edge to this piece that I don’t really want to block.

The sun is making things feel very nice inside here today.

I made a bunch of these hats. I was trying to make a hat for 2 year old and a 4 year old. But I really don’t know the fit that well. These are fun to make. Its practice for making them out of hemp. I was learning the surprisingly stretchy castoff.

Very wee cap

For this one I got 4mm dpns for the edging.

This last hat is big enough for me to cram on and stretch out a bit. So I’m sure it will fit one of the girls!

And the amusing marshmallow it made after I wore it.

Lastly, and to finally test this stuff, I used the 4mm dpns to make the first of a pair of wrist warmers. I’m doing one each of yarns of the 2 times I dyed wool.

Here are before shots of the first one.

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One Response to Happy Day! Happy Weekend!

  1. pip says:

    I love the first photo with the hats laid out in size. Beautiful knits… I particularly love the scarf. btw the snow falling on your blog is Great 🙂

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