Its Almost the Season

And the season is a white one here!

The farm is very beautiful. Every season brings a new view and colour scheme. There has not been much sun out lately.

There will be a lunar eclipse on Dec 21st. I really hope things clear up enough to see. I’m going to try to stay up late. Last time I took some really nice lunar photos. It all depends on where the moon is on the horizon around my house.

This is the remains of a two-storey, 150 year old barn that blew down. Our neighbours have been partners it taking it down and rebuilding with the materials. It’s a slow process.

It is a lot of fun wandering around with my snowshoes. It feels soft walking around in snow like this.

Don’t leave home without these amazingly useful tools!

Edit: Whoops and I forgot to add the finished handspun banana fibre. It fits right in being all snowy white!

This will wait for a piece of hemp yarn that I can 2 ply it up with.

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2 Responses to Its Almost the Season

  1. pip says:

    Your photos are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Thanks pip! I gave up SLR cams when Kodak came out with their third commercial digital camera – the DC50. It cost $800 for a cam that took 1/2 mega pixel sized pictures. And I was hooked. This was back in the early 90s. I love the immediacy of the digital camera. I took great shots with SLR cams too, but digital cameras let me understand how to see with the camera. If we ever get a chance it would be a blast to do a walkabout with cams.

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