Needs Some Colour

My pictures are pretty monochromatic lately. So I scanned through until I found some colourful chatacters. One day I was eating my snack on a bench at work when I saw this goose pair. I did feed them some crumbs, they were so much fun to watch.

This fine fellow decided to practice some stretching technique.

But they were both on alert when an interloper came through.

It was pretty exciting at the time. That other bird really came rushing up. The back goose dropped both the bagel bit as well as poop in preparation of dealing with the intruder! They all ended up flying off.

Some of the geese around here are positively tame. Its neat, but then they nest in popular spots and turn a bit nasty. That’s when its funny to see how the people react.

Everything is actually covered in snow around here. Thinking warm thoughts!

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