Another Handspun Project

Welcome to the new year!

Both exciting and terrifying. I am not working right now. Laid off for 3 months. Here we go!

I really enjoy spinning. It fills my hands nicely. I’m coming to the end of the fibre I have in the house. And an opportunity has presented itself. I can get my yarn into a store. Eeep. Well I’m not exactly ready. Nothing like plunging right in. Hmmm I must dye some yarns up! I need to get supplies to do it.

I’m finishing up some of the spinning projects now.

I made enough yarn to complete my facecloth. Its pretty rough. I will probably just wash it a few times to test what that does to the single ply yarn I cooked up.

Its got quite a neat feel. I don’t think a lot of the dye will remain. I didn’t really dye the fibre up well. Not much seems to have fixed in.

I’m still spinning every day. My hemp is getting more even. Yay!

I made a 2 ply yarn from the hemp yarn and the banana yarn I made.

Banana fibre yarn

Hemp yarn

Blended into a 2ply

And I made a beanie from the 121 gram ball it made.

I’m calling it a hempanana beanie. I can’t wait to get a larger variety of fibres to try out now. I want to make a hat next!

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3 Responses to Another Handspun Project

  1. KnitterInPink says:

    I love that 2ply! That’s beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks! I can’t to try out more. I need to make thin enough yarn for 3 ply!

  3. pip says:

    the problem with working is that either you have none of it or too much! whatever happened to the idea of everyone having a job for 4 days a week? I’d have time to learn to spin then 😉 In the mean time I’ll just have to continue enjoying watching what you’re doing 🙂

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