Fibre Galore

I went out to Port Hope to see Laurie at The Black Lamb, and came back with a few piles of fibre. I need more equipment now! A drum carder would be nice. Its amazing what you can blend up with them. (Thanks Laurie!)

I already knew about the banana fibre. This time we mixed the hemp and banana 50-50. Since I’ve had some practice with these two, its the batt I started on first.

Some straight up 100% hemp fibres. The carding makes drafting this stuff out that much easier. But its very fluffy and sheddy in this batt state.

I got a bunch of corn fibre yarn to try out. Not blended to anything yet. I’ll try this stuff out as is first, then from batts.

Coloured nylon. I picked up a huge amount of practice fibre. Its my goal to spin hemp and nylon yarn for socks. The hemp is too ungiving on its own. I’ve looked at as many sock yarns as I can, and the fibres added tend to be either elastic or nylon. Finding coloured nylon will enable me to leave the hemp fibres undyed. Its my preference not to dye the fibre, just to dye yarns at this point.

50-50 nylon and hemp batts with the various colours.

Soy fibre. We`ll see.

Merino ends. This is the other alternative for adding colours and softness to the hemp fibres. The ends are nice to be able to use as well!

Lastly I tried out some viscous. Its an alternative to the nylon, even though not coloured. We also mixed up a 50-50 batt, so I can compare it to the nylon.

Its fluffy goodness all over the house right now.

At te same time the knitting machine is voracious. And I’ve managed to make more knitted pieces. And also managed to break 2 needles on the bed already. After many hours of figuring it out, I learned to replace the needles via the phone. I have now packed up the uber machine and pulled out the Singer I got recently from a friend. Its a 9mm plastic bed – the LK100. Newly serviced and ready to make hobby things. I have a bunch of acrylic to feed through this beasty. I’ll be heading to Toronto with my rapidly decreasing supply of hemp yarn weekly. I’m encountering problems I have no idea how to handle. So I would like to be working on my machine there with my questions. I really love using this machine. When its working and I understand what is happening!

This is all the yarn I have left. I was amazed I could ball it all up. About 350 grams.


The most recent piece I got off the machine.

The first and second (also above piece) knitted pieces from the machine.

And some othher pieces that came from the machine. The blue and green is tencel.

This first week of unemployment does not feel like a break at all yet…!

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