New Machine

A friend gave me a knitting machine she had in the corner of the house gathering dust. On Tuesday, I hauled it to Toronto along with my yarns to get it checked out. And ended up buying the machine that the yarns actually worked on from a place called Sew n Knit n Serge. I was lucky enough to have the choice between new and refurbished. I got a refurbished machine to learn on.

Its really neat. I can see all the stuff it can do. Makes me drool.

Hey I can link another blog I have been following! I was feeling a bit like this video, but now that I have this machine in my house I feel A LOT like the video that Ash blogged about last year!

(The Last Knit – by Laura Neuvonen)

I plan on feeding EVERY BIT of yarn that will fit in the machine through the machine. Oh yeah! Its amazing fun to run.

This is 3 ply fingering hemp that I dyed up.

I have some fingering tencel that is next…

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3 Responses to New Machine

  1. pip says:

    good for you 🙂 I’ve never used a knitting machine and it looks a bit complicated but your yarn looks lovely knitted up!

  2. Hi! Just started following your blog! Thanks for the mention, that video is great, isn’t it? Its neat to see your knitting machine, I have never used one. The knitting above is beautiful!

  3. Mary Anne says:

    You have received a wonderful gift. Now the fun begins.

    Check out Romni yarn on Queen St. for coned yarn.

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