Chasing Tracks

When I got to the farmhouse yesterday I realized I had forgotten the tools I would need. I bought the window sealer wrap, but forgot the hair dryer. I also forgot the screw and eyebolt I need to put together my scraper. So I could also not get any further ahead in my stripping work.

Edit: Hmmmm, well my pics don’t fit quite right today. I will take the lazy route and just drop them a bit lower than the menus to the right so everythign will fit without overlaps. And I get a chance to warn you right now that today’s blog is quite picture heavy.






Oh well! I strapped on my snowshoes and camera and headed outdoors.

There are a surprising number of tracks very close to the farmhouse. I love the curve. They come in and out of a thicket of pines trees.

I started to follow some interesting tracks.

And met up with some neighbours and their dog Sonny. He’s a very happy dog!

He slowed down enough to get a couple of gorgeous shots.

I continued to follow some interesting tracks, but it gets cold quickly without the sun around. I like how these tracks go together and split. Its neat to see it repeated in more than one set of tracks.

Well at least someone is getting work done at the farm today.

The sun came back out! So he strapped on his snowshoes and joined me in following the tracks.

After exploring a second thicket surrounded by tracks, we headed out into the pristine snow swept field.

This is my favorite snowshoe shot.

When we were driving home we finally noticed that a sun pillar was happening in the sky. I’ve only seen this in pictures online. This was my first time really noticing one in person. If you go back up to the shots with the sun above, you might see a hint of the pillar, but mostly the sun itself washes it out, because I do not have any filters on the camera. I had read that the best way to take pictures without a filter would be just at sunset. We stopped during the drive home so I could snap these shots.

Brrrrr, it got really cold when the sun went below the horizon!

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