Second Knitting Machine

Argh. I took these pictures a couple of days ago and posted them on Ravelry. But I didn’t post them here yet because.. well, ugh, my darn floor! Ah well. They are all the pics I have.

Of this second knitting machine, the Singer LK100.

I like it, the machine is fun to use and easy to set up. It works well with the hemp wool. I will definitely use this machine in a show. I’m looking into putting together information booths about hemp fibre production.

This new year in 2011 I have joined the local knitters guild as well as the weaver’s & spinners guild. I signed up for spinning lessons that start on Monday. We take the wheels home for homework. Yay! I’m also planning on borrowing a drum carder and the simplest frame loom that may be available. Hemp fibre on all fronts!

The first piece went through so quickly I didn’t take any pictures. I made a 70 stitch tension swatch with grey yarn. I finished the edges myself. This machine is a 9mm bed, so the stitches are easy to pick up on the needle. I dislike the first edge the machine knits up when casting on (very loose), so I’ve redone both sides of the piece.

This second piece I tried for as wide as I dared! About 160 stitches in this one. A bumpy beginning. But the machine soon was working very nicely.

I want to use both pieces to test out how the serger sews up. Ack I need some other than white thread for my serger. Something else I need to go shopping for. I think they will both make fun hats. And maybe a pair of mittens.

This machine will make pieces wide enough for me to make into a skirt as well!

Unfortunately, I don’t have cheap enough yarn that I want to make a pile of knitted fabric of on hand right now. I sadly have put away this fun hobby machine until I get a handle on the professional machine instead. The weather and life are conspiring to keep from learning more about my machine!

Tomorrow I go back to the government buildings known as Service Canada and ask them if I may please register for benefits while I’m unemployed. I’m thinking patient thoughts already.

Everything is white. We got some snow that stuck to all the branches. Shovelled twice today. Enough snow! I will think of the trilliums that come up in our backyard every spring.

Well a teeny bit of snow. Mennonites in the round-about.

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One Response to Second Knitting Machine

  1. pip says:

    I think benefits stuff always takes an age; whichever country you’re in! It might be an idea to bring some knitting or a book. You’ve got some lovely macro shots there you could tie into macro monday 🙂

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