Weeks 1 & 2 Unemployment Done

Okay good. One week down. I still feel good. Finally 2 weeks into January more job listings are being posted.

I keep spinning and machine knitting. I’m running low on supplies for both!

I got a bunch of spindle parts. I love a place called Lee Valley.

I made up these spindles for now. Highest part cost is $2 per spindle.

I started using the biggest wheel one with 100% hemp fibre in a batt. Its a little wiggly at the bottom when the spin reaches its max.

So I have a small pile of hand spun fibres piling up. From left to right; hemp, hemp banana (that I’m planning on plying with the hemp), and hemp nylon (trying 3 ply for the first time).

On the knitting machine side of things, I started and destroyed 2 smaller pieces.

But then I settled into a great groove and created this easter coloured piece.


I can’t wait to wash and block out these pieces now. I’ve been finishing off 4 pieces so far.

Last night we had a fire. It makes the winter so nice and comfortable.

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7 Responses to Weeks 1 & 2 Unemployment Done

  1. pip says:

    I always love a fire! I think you’re keeping yourself nicely and creatively busy in a difficult time… well done 🙂 ps Macro Monday’s coming up if you have a photo to share!

  2. Monique says:

    Hi. What are you making?

    • Heh, I’m still figuring that out myself! For this right now, I’m practicing making a good looking knitted sheet of “fabric”. Every time the pattern changes, the tension is changing. So I know I need to work on that aspect. When I wash and block these pieces of “fabric” out I will see what they say. Every time the pattern changes is a natural break. I’m thinking for sure I want to try finding a hat. I will serge to create from the fabric. I also have a ton of scrap fabric, I will be hauling that out to start looking for colour matches. Maybe I can find a neat liner for mitts…

  3. Knit4Profit says:

    I’m also unemployed. I landed a job in January 2011 and was laid off on January 27, 2012. It is heartbreaking to have to start all over again struggling to keep pushing. During my downtime I’m organizing my site and learning more machine knitting techniques. Currently I’m making my next year’s winter wear. I’ve made about five skirts and now working on matching tops.

    Good Luck

  4. P. Taylor says:

    Did you find a job yet?

    • I did not find anything permanent. I got an admin contract position back at the university where I used to work. 20 hours a week until the end of July. Its not auditing so I have not actually found work in my field. But its a good challenge that is letting me see other admin areas. And I got the start up allowance (until Nov) to help me get my yarn & fibre company off the ground. Both together are not actually paying what I used to make. But I appreciate the chance to get the business off the ground. Mainly I am investing in myself now and not looking for other work. And I plan to do this for another year. I am hoping that the business will make money! My main goal! If by year two I can make money at my endeavour, then I just plan to keep on expanding. If I can’t make enough profit then I will have to assess how and where I am selling. So far I am at least making livable (heh minimum wage) margins. Now to up the sales!

  5. P. Taylor says:

    You are doing good. I have not found work either but like you am doing part-time work for other small business owners. My most recent contact agreed to barter for my services in exchange for preparing my not-for-profit corporation documents. So things are not too bad. At least I’m still in the running to help others. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to make money from knitting.

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