Macro Monday – Jan 17, 2011

I like perusing other blogs, but I’m not great at leaving comments. Its something I think you need to get into, and I feel (a lot) that I’m just making a random comment that no one ever reads anyways. Or worse, I make a comment no one wants to hear. I mostly watch/lurk, like I do on forums. I like to read.

When I started blogging again in October, I joined two blogging groups on Ravelry. I posted who/where I am, then started to wail away. And promptly met Pip from across the pond. I call her my blogging pen pal! I like to comment there. I see a similarity in how we go around taking pictures, and that makes it exciting to see what will get snapped next.

Pip has been asking me (:D steadily) to join the Monday Macro group hosted by another photo taking blogger Lisa . I’m ready!

Many of my macro shots are from my own backyard. I use a Canon G9 and occasionally I strap on the wide angle or telephoto add-on lenses.

This is my apple tree. Years ago we pruned it back by pretty much chopping away at the upper half of the tree. The reward was a few years of dormancy, then a spectacular blooming of flowers.  I took these shots in straight up and (almost) straight down views.

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3 Responses to Macro Monday – Jan 17, 2011

  1. Kala says:

    Lovely shot of the apple blossoms – I like the angle you’ve chosen.

  2. pip says:

    I Love your shots… looking up at the sky through your apple tree is just wonderful… and the beautiful blossom 🙂

  3. Nicolette says:

    Beautiful blossom… love your snowy petals… my apple trees give white blossom with an edge of pink… they are some of the nicest blossoms in the garden when they come out… welcome to Macro Monday although I haven’t been here all that long either… but it is now one of my favourite days of the week…

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