Ramping Up

I signed up for spinning wheel lessons. The first class was on Monday and I was really late. Turns out while I knew it was my dad’s bday on Mon, I had no idea it was a significant decade. Distraction! But I did remember in time to get there and pay for my spot! I got my wheel and a chance to see what everyone else was working on in the first lesson.

Week 1 homework is complete.

I brought a second bobbin home. I am hoping now that every week I will be able to fill one bobbin with homework, and one bobbin trying out the different bast fibres I have in the house now.

The homework wool is great fun to work with. So smooth and even drawing out. It was a bit tricky when I switched from one kind of wool to another, but after some rough, bumpy yarn, things clicked and it was drafting out as smooth as the first. This stuff doesn’t fight the way the hemp does….!

I don’t have a lot of pictures today. Once again I am between projects. I’m still finishing up closing off a few of the machine knitted pieces I made. I’m working on a hat design for the worsted hemp yarn. I’m finishing the bits on the linen scarf I’ve been working on. Still deciding whether to crochet an edge on it. And when I’m done wheel spinning this week I will return to the spindle, where I’m testing out 100% hemp batt on the newest spindle I made.

I have some nice pics I took from Niagara Falls a few years ago.

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3 Responses to Ramping Up

  1. OffTheHooks says:

    100% hemp batt? I’d like to hear how you make out with that one- I’ve spun hemp a couple times and can’t say its my favorite fiber!

  2. KnitterInPink says:

    *claps* YAY spinning!!! That’s quite good for your first lesson!!! I wish I could find the time to even fill ONE bobbin a week!!! My job keeps getting in the way of my life. Haha. 🙂

  3. I should be using this no job time to clean up the house. But nope, I’m spinning instead!

    I took the hemp top I dyed

    And Laurie from the Black Lamb showed me how to make batts

    Which is what I’m working on with this spindle!

    Carding the hemp into batts makes it a lot easier to draft. Still feels like a plant though and has sticks in it!. I haven’t spun up linen yet – I want to see/feel that comparable.

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