Triangular Shawl

Today is macro monday. Rather than go back to older pictures to find one for today, I took a set of pictures of my latest in progress piece, a three coloured overall lace pattern triangular shawl.

The macro pictures are quite useful for background pictures with texture and colour. The first shawl I made in this style pattern went to a good friend in Ohio. It was a solid green. Much harder to photograph for depth.

I love this pattern of increase. I’ve made overall lacy shawl patterns with one main rib and up to 3 ribs for increases. Making the shawls out of dk yarn is fun. They feel very substantial and a pretty quick to knit up.

I took this centre closeup with the added on wide angle lens for the G9.

Try as I might I just could not get as good a close up shot with the camera alone.

This is the shawl so far. I will add a crochet border around the edge. It will help especially finish up the edge where I drew up the alternate colours when I was not using them.

I have not yet blocked the piece. The lace pattern is making quite a bumpy design that looks interesting in different light situations.

Back to the close ups!

Similar angle different lighting.

With these next two, I can’t decide which one I like better for a background. Once I start loading text on top of each image it will probably become clear which is better to use. Its good to have lots of choice.

And I see I managed to get the end (point of the shawl) to sit up rather than lie a little flat (like in the last pics)

One side view.

And the other side.

Looking at the side with a different light angle.

I really liked the white light, tried flooding the image a bit.

Row close ups. These pictures are really great for a slide show or video. Its relatively easy to use one after the other on a screen for a few seconds in turn and can express movement.

Lastly I want to update the fibre arts project I was showing you earlier of the child’s dress I decorated (heh drew on).

Pic #1

Pic #2

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7 Responses to Triangular Shawl

  1. maaike says:

    great shots
    you’ve worked very hard I think 😉

  2. i appreciate all your work and detail! wow, looks great.

  3. Thank you! I took a whole bunch of shots and THEN remembered the wide angle lens! Its worth it. It will feel even better when I finish the piece completely and take the final shots.

  4. Kala says:

    Beautiful color and details in this shawl.

  5. pip says:

    I love your shawl close-ups… beautiful colours! Looking forward to seeing it blocked 🙂

  6. I love these macros, the colors and the detail of the stiches. makes me want to go and and get some yarn for a new project!

  7. Lisa's Chaos says:

    The shawl is looking wonderful! Such nice close ups! Love your color choices too. 🙂

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