Sadly there is added stress in my life right now, as one of the birdies (Gator) is sick. Birds tend to hide being sick until its very late. You have to watch for changes in behaviour. She is being given antibiotics for now. But we are still trying to figure out the problem. Is it a cold, or is it something else? I’m also weighing her a few times a day now to see how she is taking in food.

On the other side of life.. Is my job going to come back? Maybe. After a month of being away, I miss it a lot, but I think I’m ready to move on if I have to. This week it was nice to finally see jobs seriously worth applying to. Job searching is way too much like blind dating. My job really looks like its not out there anymore. Certainly the pay is looking hard to find.

And yesterday I finally did it. I sent out a cover letter with a paragraph describing my employment situation in the next few months. Still feels like job suicide to say I’m available June 1st. But this an interesting job. The deadline to apply is Feb 11. So I did!

I find myself thinking more and more how I can make a decent go of this fibre business. I am finding I like spinning more than dyeing! I love how you can blend colours up as you are making them. Its nicely organic, and suits me very well. The spinning classes are amazing. I was so inspired watching my class mate whirl through finishing a bobbin for the class. The incredible colours of roving she chose was distracting enough. The best part was seeing how fast she could make her wheel spin while she was working. I can’t wait to get that fast! I want to find competitions to enter yarn into. I have been focusing on consistency. But I would also like to be getting through 100 grams of fibre a day and one pound of fibre a week. I can see how much I can ramp up my speed to now.

Making art batts has been another task to learn very quickly. I prefer using fibre I card much more than straight up roving. I also prefer mixing fibres. Some stuff I can get in colour, some I can’t. Right now I blend coloured and non coloured fibres to make heathery mixes. I use the hand powered drum carder from the guild. It takes me about an hour to card up 100 grams of fibre. Yesterday I did 200 grams! Today I will try to card up 200 grams more. I will be striving to measure the time it takes me to spin stuff up. Same as with keeping an eye on how much time the carding is taking me.

We had to bring yarn we had spun but not yet plied, and beads to the latest class.

I carded up 50% merino and 50% banana.

A shot of the single, 2ply on the bobbin and balled up.

I am planning on making a kids hat again!

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One Response to Decisions

  1. Kala says:

    You have a knack for making yarn look gorgeous!

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