I Was Quoted!

About hemp. Yeah! Very exciting. I didn’t even notice until today. So its a really nice surprise.

The Greenists posted a blog titled: Sustainable Yarn


Mine is the last quoted comment about hemp.

I really like this book, Hemp Horizons by John Roulac.

That is also Gator’s sick cage until she gets better. She’s hanging on. But not drinking much or gaining weight. We keep up with the antibiotics and watching how she’s doing leg/foot wise. She can’t fall very far in the tank. And its in place of the stand that is usually there, so she’s happy to be “out” of her cage for the time being.

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2 Responses to I Was Quoted!

  1. pip says:

    well done! and I just love the photo … the whole world and Gator peering over the top!

  2. Kala says:

    Congratulations! And best wishes to Gator for a full recovery.

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