Macro and Update

I love my backyard in the summer. I’m ready for another thaw. My summer mint is but a memory. Some pink and green for Marco Monday.

A triplet!

Gator seems to be recovering. After yet another exam our vet said we could stop the second (NSAIDs) medication. Most symptoms are better. A few are lingering. We keep up with the antibiotics and making sure she is eating and drinking.

I have managed to get my yarn down in diametre size while spinning with a wheel. I can’t spin with the spindle nearly as nicely, I do a park and draft. I have been reading the book Respect The Spindle by Abby Franquemont (you can check out Abby’s blog at She suggests changing hands that you spin with. And when I did I figured out how to get my yarn skinnier. I’m better with one hand than the other. Something else to practice!

This is yarn I made before the purple yarn with beads. I’m behind on pictures. I dyed the fibre from class with koolaid.

But when I carded things up I kinda blended a bit too much.

I made a three ply yarn (top ball) of soy, wool, and the kool aid wool.

No flash pic. I’m tempted to try to take a few more tomorrow…

I’m planning on using the yarn with this frame loom that I bought from the local weaver’s & spinners guild auction.

This is the rest of the booty I came home with. Including GOLD thread!

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5 Responses to Macro and Update

  1. Kala says:

    So good to see the mint blooming again (if only in a photo!)

  2. Kim,USA says:

    I like to see your blooming flower again. Can’t wait so see green colors again this Spring. Happy Monday!
    Yellow Flowers

  3. Lovely project with pretty yarns dyed with Kool-aid!

  4. Lisa's Chaos says:

    Wow impressive! Love all the yarn colors! Is mint hard to grow? I’m thinking I want to have a small plant to pluck leaves off for my drink.

    • Mint is not hard to grow at all. Its a rapacious weed that will engulf all the soil it can around it! I have 2 varieties in my garden, the spearmint in the picture and a chocolate mint. I first grew them in containers in the summer so they would have a really great root structure before I planted them in the ground. The stuff grows into the grass border around it. I grow oregano between the 2 mint plants. They all do well in lots of sun.

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