Joining the Lendrum Owners Out There

I have been using a Lendrum wheel in the guild class. I like it a ton, so much that I called up all sorts of places last week to this week, and finally found one for myself. I went into Toronto yesterday (drove all the way downtown!) to pick up from Romni Wools. It folds up and I didn’t even take a picture that way. I set up as quickly as I could, only just remembered oil, and started to spin!

I bought the complete package which comes with a VFF (very fast flyer). I had a lot of fun hooking it up the tiny geared thing, and watching it buzz like a bee as it whips around. Not sure I’ll be able to make yarn with this one yet. But I’m really looking forward to it.

And a jumbo plying head also comes with the complete package. It has a longer belt. Starting to stretch the band the wheel comes with first. But as soon as I need to ply some yarn, I’ll pop on the other belt.

I absolutely love how it runs. I can’t wait to try all my fibres through this wheel now.

I’m not just a big fibre arts fan. I’m also a huge illustration fan. I can’t wait to test out some patterns on paper and decorate my very own wheel. I will probably stain one side and paint the other.  They both use a variety of techniques I have not put to use lately.

I also finished this hat that I started in another blog. Made from a strand each of Merino (the colours), Ingeo, and class wool.

Repost pics:

Final hat. Definitely kid sized I kinda wish I had spun more!

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One Response to Joining the Lendrum Owners Out There

  1. pip says:

    I Love your wheel! Can’t wait to see how you decorate it 🙂

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