Cabin Fever

I have been driving around Ontario for at least 2 hours every day since Sunday. And I seem to have a rotator cuff injury from the drum carding. Or as I like to call it: being the monkey organ grinder.

I have been very careful about not straining my arms and wrists spinning. But carding manually is defeating me. I will definitely be looking at every mill within a 1 hour to 4 hour drive from me. Eventually I will get an electric carder. Hemp and linen are both so strong and tenacious, I want a good motor on the machine I buy. I’m going to suggest we outfit one of the guild carders with a motor. I can hope! We all love linen, but no else spins it.

I have 2 bobbins of 50% hemp 50% merino ready to ply. I have one bobbin of corriedale and merino spun up and I’m working on a bobbin of 50% bamboo 50% merino. I’m definitely going to run out of bobbins if I’m not careful.

I find myself champing at the bit to dye more yarns up. But I’m definitely waiting for an outdoor day. We have had a few good thaw days, there isn’t as much snow piled up in the backyard anymore. Any 5C and sunny day will see me out there doing some simple bucket dyeing.

No more driving for me today. Instead I will show pictures of me driving when I was across the continent.

I have this thing for taking pictures of hawks. Any time we are driving and I’m in the passenger seat, I usually have a camera in my hand.

We drove from Vancouver BC to Merritt BC.

The mountains are beautiful and inspiring to drive through.

As you will see we drive by many tracks and trains in this trip.

We saw quite the accident on this drive.

It wasn’t too long a delay.

Eventually we made it to Merritt, where we stopped to have a picnic.

To return back to Vancouver we took a different highway back, to make a large loop.

We arrive at the reason we took the other road back. We just had to go to Hell’s Gate.

I love the swirling water. Snapped and snapped away!

As the sun was setting we headed on our way down the road to Vancouver.

Thanks for looking.

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2 Responses to Cabin Fever

  1. Kala says:

    Beautiful photos – I must visit Vancouver one day!

    • I thought I had been through mountains before I went to BC. And then I found out how what I thought were mountains were really hills. Gently rolling slopes that don’t seem so tall anymore! Its a magnificent place to visit.

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