LLamas, Alpacas & Goats Oh My!

On Sunday the members of the spinning class went on a road trip to visit our teacher’s farm. Llamas, alpacas, goats, cats and a huge dog! Of course I brought my camera.

The farm animals are minimally handled. There are 2 llamas that guard. When we all walked in the 2 llamas came up first to see what was happening and protect the flock.

Slowly the group came closer.

This was the closest any came, they recognized Ute, but the rest of us were strange, and quite a few.

Eventually I will be able to put names and faces together! It will help when I get a few shots printed up that I can write on.

Everyone taking a good look while I snap away.

I had fun making this banner head shot.

Had enough of us!

So I moved over to snap a few pics of the goats.

It was so much fun to see them, and I have some fleece to card up and try to spin.

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