Spinning Certificate

I’ve been certified to have attended Spinning I classes. Woohoo!

I have been dyeing yarns this week. Mostly hemp, but I’m also using some cottons and linen when I make too much of a colour. We got some sun in the beginning of the week. Today its clouds with rain coming, but also plus temperatures. I opened up the widows of the mud room, and turned off the heater. Its not so bad to work in already this morning. I’ll get at least 2 more colours dyed in today.

On the decoration front I have scanned a few ideas in. I really like this one for the front. But I need a different flower there. Will take some thought. I’m not sure how skinny the vines will get to fit it into the space.

A few geometic takes that I’m curious how they will look for me on the back. Will have to add some colours, too.

I tried this spirograph pattern, but I think its too busy.

I decorate wood when I get a chance. I grabbed pics of what was easy to see. The horizontal surfaces are covered right now! In progress:

After the spinning classes, we brought what we had worked on in the 6 weeks, and showed the guild members. And were presented with our certificates. It was a lot of fun. And I never knew there was a recipe for butter tart squares. Heavenly!

The banana/merino fibre mix:

Plied up with orange the green, and a glitter yarn.

I’ve spun up more yarn than I can quickly knit up now. I’m onto alpaca now; its awesome to spin. There is a competition deadline coming soon that I’m looking into being able to enter.

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One Response to Spinning Certificate

  1. Ashley says:

    i like what you’ve done with the wood staining!
    and congrats on your spinning certificate!

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