Change and Rearrange

I enjoy what you can do with spinning so much. Its not tough, just requires commitment. Like so many things out there! The more I spin, the more I can see the possibilities in what I can spin.

I did not end up liking this yarn at all.

When I started to knit with it, I found it kept becoming very splitty. The sliver thread was a little bunched up in places.

I was unhappy with this yarn as well.

The beads are fairly large, though plastic. On one ply, the yarn was feeling floppy and would spill a bit where the beads would pull out.

So I went back to my wheel and books and tried to figure out what I like. Much harder. Dislike, seems so much easier to point out. Why do we possess such a silly tendency? What do I like? I don’t know yet. How frustrating. What can I do? Hah, don’t answer that just yet, its not quite fair!

I looked around and found 3 guild bobbins loaded up in addition to the four I was working on from the new kit with my wheel. I plyed 2 more yarns together and still did not like the result. I decided to practice navajo plying starting with the 2 ply I had just made. Ooooooo. I pretty much plyed up all the bobbins I had lying around, some as singles, some thicker. I like it so much, I replyed the above yarns too!

I like them way better now. They may still be annoying when I knit with them. But they are thick enough now that the project will go quickly!

I was asked to consider leaving this one for weaving, rather than spinning. It has a lot of twist in it. I will still wash it, and try weights.

This one is 129 gram, but includes beads. I will make a hat out of it. I stretched it out on the skein winder, and has better results taming the twistiness. I might have to ply things differently, clockwise, then ply twice counter clockwise – experimentation ahead!

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2 Responses to Change and Rearrange

  1. I hope you will show us what you make with these. I like the bits of sparkle and the beads in what you have spun.

    • Thanks. I’m planning on making a hat for my niece from the purple yarn. I was supposed to also make a hat from the red one, but I’ll spin more yarn instead.

      I’ll do my best to take a pic! I’ve been pretty good lately.

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