How I Got Skinny


Correidale. Very nice wool to spin with. I mixed correidale and merino (50/50) to make a bunch of batts. I got 4 colours of the correidale and I mixed with grey, black and peach merino.

The grey mixed batts:

I managed to also make a blue and black and a pink and peach batt. All the batts started around 100 grams of fibre.

From these batts I made these bobbins of singles. Sorry for the quality, I cropped this from a larger picture. Its a real challenge to take pictures at every stage of the process. One bobbin got a mix of all six batts. One bobbin was the pinks and purples only.

Together they made this yarn.

What was left over went into making these little yarn bits as well. One plyed on itself, the other plyed with scrap yarn.


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One Response to How I Got Skinny

  1. Kala says:

    Oh my goodness, what lovely colors!

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