Hemp, Yeah!

I’m very happy with this hemp. I’ve spun up enough (dry spun) to make a facecloth. And I’m having so much fun, I’ll make enough yarn to make a tank top. Its light, but chunky, good for knitting up quickly. Filling up the skinny bobbin is going slowly. Probably another 2 days before the first one is ready, and I debate making a second skinny yarn bobbin. In the mean time I’ve made another correidale/merino bobbin. Today I made a flax (linen) bobbin up. Ugh. Just as terrifying as it looked in the bag. Dirty stuff! Yikes. Lots of things to remove. But also a hugely long staple length. I have never had my hands so far apart drafting. I will comb out the yarns before trying to use them again.

I put together a whole bunch of fibres to take for processing (carding) at the mill next week. A selection of the non bast fibres. It will save me carding everything up by hand. I can’t wait to see how they turn out. Two batches of merino and bamboo. A batch of soy and a batch of ingeo also mixed with merino. And a final batch of merino with nylon. I met Wendy from The Urban Sheppard a few weeks ago. And after a few questions and decisions, I’m ready.

I’m mostly spinning the fibres as they have come rather than carding much together. I have some small batches ready to test blend. I am trying a blend of the hemp, banana, and wools. I can’t stand using the carder though, it hurts my shoulder socket and arm pretty consistently. I’m looking forward to being able to buy an electric one at some point!

The thick and thin bobbins of hemp, dry spun.

I navajo plyed the thick yarn. The reason I like hemp: I threw this yarn (tied up) into the washing machine AND the dryer.

Hahahah, can we say super bulky yarn? I love it. I’m making a facecloth to have something to wash often and abuse by wringing out.

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