Save Me Seymour

The wonderful cactus keeps growing. Hrrrm! And getting bigger! Errrrm and pinker. It was some 5 years ago when this plant first flowered for me, and there I was, live, blogging at a tattoo site. Raunchiest comments ever! No one held back. And I’ve seen genitalia headed dolphins spouting over a scene of mermen making out (yes really).

Amazing, amusing and even alarming.

So much fun posting these! Its been at least 2 years since I managed to get them to flower. Ahhh for the right window and temp space. Its incredible how species survive out there. Right now these cactus plants only put out little spiny babies, trying to make sure they can flower again at some point. I learned that they flower in vain by me, as they need a specific insect to take the pollen around to make a seed.

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One Response to Save Me Seymour

  1. Carolina Mts says:

    Wild looking flower – I would be worried too!

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