Telling Yarns

It really was the biggest pile of fibre you have ever seen! I swear!

I have been working on a mix of fibres. Hemp, linen and  a correidale/merino blend.

I had fun with a spot of sun and the yarns today. Probably took more pictures than strictly necessary, but I was having fun!

Lets start with some of the correidale/merino blend. A little while ago I posted some of the batts. From 300 grams of batts (starting weight) I made 3 yarns.

I got a really nice close up of the pinks in the skein I had made a few weeks ago.

Onwards to the two I finished lately.

Specifically the navajo plied skein.

I don’t have very much carded together. I don’t like carding without a motor, and I took a bunch to the mill to be done for me. None of the bast though, its not going through the mill machines. Until those come back, I’ll be making a bunch of single fibre yarns. I want to spin up enough hemp for a project I would like to knit by June. The first bobbin is in the picture. I may not have made the yarn thick enough!

Now to crunch down some more pictures.

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2 Responses to Telling Yarns

  1. Kala says:

    Oh, those colors are so beautiful.

  2. Thanks Kala! I find your photography very inspiring! Its always awesome to get fresh ideas for taking pictures.

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