Fish are actually a heck of a lot of fun to make! It took a long long time to get these done. Probably a solid working month of my life. It was a huge race to get ready for the show. I just wanted to make these in my vision of what dancing fish on stage would be.

It was hard to decide how to sew everything up. Making fins that will show up from off stage, and not tangle up while dancing was the challenge for the pants. I ended up making more quilted sides to the pants, that stuck out (in a puffy kind of way). It was quicker and easier to sew up than creating gussets, like I did in the picture below.

So a little easy change, some drawing and presto! Fish pants.

I had a ton of fun making colour variations.

Scary dark fishy.

Even the hoods underwent a transformation.

The awesome school!

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