Variegated Hemp

I dye up hemp yarns with procion MX dyes. This batch is my second. I used a ton of techniques, and found how I like my back room set up for dyeing. I think this yarn will pool, but I tried to ensure that some colours will and some colours will not.

Mostly I want to make face cloths from the yarns, so the colour repeats are very short. I have a fixed skein winder, that I used to wrap the yarns up in the first place. It matches my swift in size. Eventually I will need to get both in a larger format to easier wrap up the yarns for dyeing.

One side of a drying skein.

Flipped over.

All wrapped up and skeined.

I brought this yarn with me while traveling, and I’m in the middle of making a shawl first, then face cloths.

And some close ups.

My biggest frustration has been that I can’t duplicate the dyeing I do from batch to batch. But I feel that I am coming to terms with that. We’ll see how I really feel after the next batch.

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7 Responses to Variegated Hemp

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  2. pip says:

    Oh they are beautiful!

  3. Meredith says:

    Did you spin this yourself too? Regardless, you have done a great job dyeing. You have a great colour sense!

    • Yay good to see you online. I wish! Errr my handmade hemp yarns look alot more..hmmmm…fuzzy!!! that this yarn. 😀 I love how you can blend up dyed fibres into coloured yarns that is very different from how dyeing yarns after spinning turns out. So far I just destroy my fibres from overhandling when I try to procion dye them. For now I’m stuck dyeing fully made yarns. When I can finally do both (it will come when I get the right equipment together), you should be able to see a real difference!

      • Meredith says:

        Your colours are still beautiful though and I’m sure you will get your spun yarn to come out just as beautiful!

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