Tattoo Junkie

As I am still in Vancouver nursing a new tattoo, I figure I will post more of Kirk’s tattooing! (Gah away from home on the long weekend. Thank goodness for skype.)

This was taken in the room of mirrors when Kirk was working back at Adrenaline. Lots of fun figuring out how to stay out of the shot, while trying to get close.

A ticklish spot?

I’ve been there tucking my head down and ignoring what is going on!

I’m a sucker for wings!

I enjoy the watching as much as the getting.

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2 Responses to Tattoo Junkie

  1. kirk says:

    hahhaah old pics rad dear thanks

  2. Can’t even think of how many stars/names on a wrist I’ve dropped in to see you working on now! This piece was amazing fun to watch you lay down.

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