Superwash BFL

I got this fibre from Birkland Bros in Vancouver. Its a superwash BFL from sweetgeorgia called lettuce wrap. I bought two 100 gram braids of fibre. I made this skein of yarn during the virtual stringtopia weekend. We took subjects relating to the real event classes. On the weekend I spun up this thick and thin yarn. I made mostly thin yarn, and on one bobbin I added thicker bits. After plying its a wonderfully squishy yarn. I’m planning on making the second yarn all thin with no lumps. Well as few lumps as I can manage!

The start of the thin bobbin.

Filled up as much as I was willing to put on it.

The bobbin with the thick and thin bits.

The two of them together.

They plied together into very twisty yarn. I wrapped the yarn onto my skien winder to stretch it out for a day.

I’ve got it wrapped up in a skein now. 100 grams.

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2 Responses to Superwash BFL

  1. Kala says:

    LOVE the colors.

  2. joco says:

    Such inviting bobbins.
    They make my fingers itch.
    Trouble is, I always prefer the ‘ingredients’ to the finished product.
    Yarn in itself is my thing and not so much what comes out of it.
    Let me know what the next step is, in pictures please. I shall be very interested to learn what you do with it.
    Do you leave this in hanks or will you make it into cheeses?

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