Pilkington Overlook

Today we drove up to the farm from a different location. Our city lawn mower broke. The lawn mower we bought by bargaining with the former owner for the contents of the shed when we bought the house. Its old and smelly, and I won’t ever be able to pull the cord to start it. We’ll probably still fix it and use it up at the farm. For the city we got ourselves a Toro e-Cycler. From our favorite store for this stuff, where we also got the weed whacker, chainsaw, and safety gear. We left for the a farm many kilometres away from the usual place. We set the GPS and followed the path it dictated. Along the way we passed the Pilkington Overlook, and of course we had to go see.

The trout warnings were also posted down the road.

I took other pictures for macro monday, but still could not resist!

There are trails everywhere here. We followed the main one to the view.

It was so wet today. Not a hard rain. About 19C, so nice enough out. The tree was dripping.

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One Response to Pilkington Overlook

  1. pip says:

    Love the misty photos!

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