All That Is Left Of The Barn

Is perfect for my entry in Lisa’s Macro Monday!

Oh I wish, I wish I had taken pictures of the barn when it was still up. A storm blew it down. It was more than 150 years old. When the barn came down it was very unsafe, and had to be dealt with. This all happened before we took over the farm. Its been great to see the barn come down over time. Its been inspiring to see what got reused. We figure if we would have dealt with it ourselves, it would have used up 25-50% of our budget. Instead we end up with a beautiful field for camping. In the last five years we have been clearing another area to the same purpose, but now with much less result. The camping area we are clearing is still a vine and sapling death trap of red stemmed bushes (we think dogwood) and wild cucumber. We took a weed whacker with a saw blade attached to the end to the mess this year.

Oh yeah! The Barn.

And this is what the barn looks like today.

Its been amazing watching it happen. And it was fun to find some of the last iron still left on the building.

Its been raining and grey for a while now! Maybe some sun on Thursday. But rain in the forecast every day this week, even when sun is forecast.

This is my favorite picture, I took it zooming in on the wall from afar.

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7 Responses to All That Is Left Of The Barn

  1. Tasha says:

    Wow, it’s amazing what can happen over time. Great shots!

  2. Janis says:

    great shots…the macro is fantastic! Hope you can reuse some of the old boards n stone from this very old barn.

    • I get to rescue stuff like that from the house, where we are replacing the original post and beams. We’ll see how much of the interior trim we can save as is.

      It is amazing as everything salvagable from the barn has been used in neighbourhood projects. Any really old hardware was probably salvaged first. We emptied out the barn of anything of value that could be carried out something like 6 years ago, before the demo began. The boards and wood were assessed and any good wood was replaned and used in a barn addition. There were permits to burn parts, and other parts got hauled off to the dump. At the end the concrete pig troughs have been hauled out and used as clean fill somewhere down the road.

      The amount of concrete onsite. was the biggest problem for use. There was years and years worth of people pouring what they needed on site to make things that get used in animal husbandry. We have not even come close too looking at a tractor able to haul what we would have needed for this job. Even now, there are still some pieces out there, that we can’t deal with on our own! But those are getting much fewer.

  3. Kim,usa says:

    I was looking at the wood beams I think you can use that too. I love re-using old wood they are gorgeous when it is given a TLC. Great shot and thanks for sharing!

  4. Jane says:

    I love that first photo. How sad that the barn was destroyed but wonderful that so much of it is being reused.

  5. Kala says:

    Fantastic details and texture in that macro shot. I can *feel* the rust!

  6. northernnarratives says:

    Hi, I am a friend of knit Steve and I just found your blog. I love your photos! Judy

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