Berry Pie Merino

The most beautifully coloured wool I have ever seen made its door prize way to my doorstep, through the mail strike!

Many many thanks to dpalme of Schafenfreude Fibers, for making this luscious hank of wool available.

Check out Lisa’s Macro Monday for more fun closeups!

I wish I could get the depth of tome right with my camera. Its hard to show how amazingly dark this colour actually is.

So it really hit me looking at this fibre and imagining what it could be. Oh, I would like to use it soon. This will make a fabulous fall piece (hmmmmm knitted or woven…). For the first time, I want to know what this colour will be like blended with hemp fibres and then spun up.

More amazing, it makes me realize I want to blend everything I have with hemp now and spin it! I have some really nice romney I’m happy to also recognize I can stretch out further by blending it.

Its nice to start off the day with an epiphany.

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3 Responses to Berry Pie Merino

  1. Tammy says:

    Love each and every one of those fibers….incredible details!

  2. Linda Makiej says:

    Beautiful macro work!!

  3. Kala says:

    Wonderful details of the raspberry fibers!

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