NIX Toronto Tattoo Show 2011

This weekend (on Sunday) I’ll be getting more tattoo work from Glen at Northern Ink Xposure. On Thursday I went in to meet up with friends at the opening party. Yesterday I ran around the show taking pictures of the same friends working on different projects. Friday is a fun for me at the show. Lots of room to take pictures, at many angles, and people have more time to talk. Today I’m not at the show and able to post this! We are heading out to the farm today. There is work we need to do there, that we can`t get done during the week. Saturday is also the busiest day of the show. I`m not missing that part.

I took almost 200 pics yesterday. I sized all the pictures from one artist. Today`s post is fairly picture heavy at 26 pictures.

Meet Andy of The Left Hand Path.

Andy is from Christchurch New Zealand and visiting here in Toronto for the show. We met through another artist who is also here at NIX from NZ, Erin Chance. On Friday Andy worked on this painting during the show.

Skip to the next time I came around to the booth. I see how Andy is keeping his energy level up!

Skip again. Ooooo I love the way the depth is building up.

Another skip.

Last skip.

Contemplation and caffeine.

I had to leave after this. I can not wait to see what this painting looks like on Sunday.

Please Google and YouTube Andy. You can find a number of videos about Andy including one I did from NIX 2010.

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3 Responses to NIX Toronto Tattoo Show 2011

  1. pip says:

    He’s really good! Can’t wait to see your pics from Sunday… would love to see some pics of your tattoos too 🙂

  2. Man, if I could paint like that I’d never leave the house.

    • Except maybe for all those 70s Sears reference catalogues you have, that could have you running nekkid in the snow one day from burning your eyes out! 😀 I contemplate this working from home thing myself, its scarey.

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