More of the NIX Lineup

(Please note: there is mature content in the pics posted today.)

The weekend was amazing. But over all too soon! I re-met with  people I know and met plenty of new folks. It was amazing walking around checking out the tattooing that was going on. Its not always easy to get a good picture when someone is working. I prefer the over-the-shoulder working shot myself. I like how you can see the tattoo taking shape in the artist’s hands.

Erin Chance. I met Erin around 5 years ago. For me, Erin’s paper and graphic artwork has always been jaw dropping stunning. Amazing range. Every time she tackles new themes and drawings, there is always a subject matter I find appeals to me personally in the set.

It was great to see Erin at NIX again this year. The best news was hearing about the upcoming wedding and moving/settlement plans. I can’t wait for more news! In a few weeks Erin will be back in this area tattooing and I’ll go in for touch up on the piece she gave me last year.

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4 Responses to More of the NIX Lineup

  1. pip says:

    Great pics! You know my brother died in an accident at easter and, as he had a large tattoo on his left arm, I’ve been thinking of getting one! I’d like something punkish with a top hat.. as that would remind me of him 🙂

    • That sounds like a fun tattoo! You should go for it. 🙂 I like when tattoos have meaning for you. I have a few large tattoos myself. Can’t wait to see what you will decide on.

  2. Sharonnz says:

    That’s my lady;-)
    (I’ve come here from your link on Rav.)

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