Farm Basement

Next week I shift my focus back to the farmhouse. We have the engineering drawings. We have the permit. We have the metal work for the job on order. Next I need to find a company versed in century old homes. I also need to put the project list together and try to tack on a time line.

Basements in old houses are pretty gruesome things!

The engineer told us that this is not the original entrance to the basement. This staircase was cut in sometime after the original entrance to the basement, which was only from the outside of the house, was built.

This side is still all original beam and posts from 1876.

Jim gets a little green when I jump up and down on the kitchen floor upstairs now!

In retrospect I should not have stuck my finger into a spot so likely to get bitten.

The other side of the house has a replaced newer beam. One of the posts was removed at some point, there is a hole in the concrete floor where it used to be. They only replaced the bean though, the post is still the original.

Both beams and all the posts are being replaced with metal.

From both a person and a book, we have learned that these posts go down around 4 feet and end on a rock. We will be removing enough of the earth to remove the posts and dig out a proper footing.

I am very excited because I will finally be rid of the skimming of concrete called a floor in here. Even though it will cut off an uncomfortable amount of height, I want a 4″ floating floor down here. Probably sections with a sand grout between them.

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