A Matter Of Seeing Through Another’s Lens

I ran around the farm taking pictures of the flowers that are in a profusion everywhere. I must have been channeling Kala when I was taking the pictures of the buttercups!

Click for full size.

For Lisa’s Macro Monday I went in for an extreme closeup.

Its amazing to see what is growing by the fields.

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10 Responses to A Matter Of Seeing Through Another’s Lens

  1. genie says:

    Your buttercups are so yellow and pretty. We have them blooming here, too. Your macros are awesome – great detail and color. Love the one with them in the fingers Beautiful. Genie

  2. aren’t these the little flowers you hold under your chin and make a wish?

  3. Linda Makiej says:

    Wow! Wonderful macro shots!!

  4. Dew Drops says:

    We used to stick buttercups under our chin and if the yellow colour was seen on our chin, it meant we liked butter. I like butter and even buttercups!! Even if they are invading my grass!! Great macros!!

  5. Kala says:

    Love the way you’ve composed the last photo. And thanks for the mention!

  6. My chin must be pretty yellow because I LOVE butter. Heh, my favorite butter was on sale around here recently and I still have 5 pounds awaiting the candy making!

    Its funny about that last picture. As per usual, a happy accident! The wind picked up and the flowers kept moving in and out of the frame. I grabbed them to keep them still enough.

  7. Kim, USA says:

    They are so pretty and so tiny. I well stroll around the fields too what’s in store for me there too ^_^ Thanks for sharing!

    The Buds

  8. Mickie Brown says:

    Great macro shot–those cute little flowers came out so sharp and clear. Really pretty. Mickie 😉

  9. Cool shots. Buttercups are difficult to capture well but your third shot is GREAT!

  10. Wonderful macro shots.It is a colorful world.If you have a time please follow my blog, http://wwwmysrilanka.blogspot.com

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