Shall We Knitty Round Table

What is where and when on Sun Jul 17th? My first time ever attending an event of this nature. People were also calling the event a yarn tasting which is quite a lot of fun when talking to non knitting people. You can almost see the wheels turning when they ask about how you taste a yarn!

I was dropped off at the event early, to give me time to have a little snack and caffeine  before the actual knitting. Shall We Knit recently moved from New Hamburg to Waterloo. Its nice to have such a close local yarn shop now.

Heh, not everyone wants to pose for the camera, but I love to get a smile when people don’t mind if I’m taking pictures around them!

The event is being held upstairs.

We are greeted by a lovely display at we reach the top.

We sorted ourselves into rooms and got the low down on what the event is all about.

Once we got to the knitting, the only movement going on was the moving of the needles (or hooks). Before that started, I nipped through and captured my fellow testers having fun getting settled in. Yarns are blanked out to protect the innocent! We were asked not to discuss the yarns until after the testing was over, so as not to prejudice each other while trying them out.

This room had two tables, that I tried to capture together.

My room!

Halfway through we took a nice walk about and refresh break. Great! Giving me more time to look through the store and get totally overwhelmed by the yarn selection.

After the yarns had all been tested, we regrouped to (yay) discuss the yarns and give out the lovely door prizes.

Thanks so much to Amy Singer, Knitty and Shall We Knit for bringing a phenomenal event to our little nook in the woods.

This was a great chance to see some familiar faces and meet a whole bunch of new people. It was a lot of fun to talk to people who don’t get a glazed look in their eyes when any of us starts to mention tension, gauge and feel!

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4 Responses to Shall We Knitty Round Table

  1. Rhonda says:

    Fair. 😦
    You lucky duck!

  2. I enjoyed your pictures! It is amazing to see the garments knitted by hand.

  3. I hope you can keep an eye out for another round table event! Its well worth trying to get to.

    I was blown away by how fast some of the ladies around me are able to knit. It was amazing. Thanks about the pictures. Indoors can be rough, when I`m trying not to use the flash.

  4. Jenn says:

    It was such a great event to be involved in! Trying out new yarns was fabulous, but meeting so many wonderful people was icing on the cake. Thanks for taking such great photos!
    -Jenn aka Swiggles on ravelry

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