Flashback To Tattoo Videos

Last year I made this video of Andy at NIX. I met the lady being tattooed a few days earlier, and we had a nice chance to chat before I would be filming her at the show. I have recently critiqued some one else`s video and it seems only fair to post my own version of the same thing. I like this one because I put a soundtrack on, rather than just using the ambient noise. Also I was able to keep this video very short. I probably went overboard with the transitions, but they are all literal, something I was obsessed with at the time.

A year before that I made this video of Jamer in his shop in Victoria, Government Street Tattoo. I made some funny mistakes in this video. The biggest mistake was not getting the letterbox right. I chose clips with music and views that I liked, but I don`t think the ambient music works very well. After making this video with AVS4U, I went and got Adobe Premiere. I still use this rinky dink program, but only for avi standard videos that come from my camera rather than my camcorder.

Lately I have taken video but not finished any video projects. I have video of me spinning while getting tattooed that I need to tackle!

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