A Giant Came Down

This is a very long and picture heavy post. It fits the tale.

The windstorms this year have been very intense. The damage, spectacular. Mind you I’ve seen tornado damage pics from the US now, and I’m happy to say JUST windstorms!

It seems quite fitting that this picture is from winter and looks so bleak.

From this side it looks tranquil and normal even.

But in reality the giant poplar closest to the farmhouse came down! We drove in one weekend this spring to find we were lucky it had not fallen towards the house.

Talk about instant work! So odd to see such a large thing on the ground now.

The lilac bushes got caught up in the crown of the tree. Missed the shed. Those lilacs needed a cutting back anyways!

The fence on the corner bucked up. And the wishing well is doing a lean.

The ground has been very wet this spring. The combo of wet and windy was just too much for this giant.

A fun view of the farmhouse. I can really see some of the repairs on the original house.

And now to start the Herculean task of cleaning it up.

Size reference.

Waiting for the big limb to fall. The blade had gotten caught before from cutting and the tree settling.

Trying to hasten the fall of the big limb.

Trying with mechanical tools, which always works much better.

Its good to get this cleaned up. We’ll plant some kind of hardwood in its place not. If the tree there has to come down, I think a maple would be nice.

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