Hemp Fedorah

My MIL asked me about making a hat with a brim from the hemp. Enough of a brim to cover the tops of the ears.  I prefer to crochet a hat with a brim. I’ll be making this pattern again a few times. Most will fit my head, like the one in the pictures. But I will also produce a large sized one for my husband’s head. No guarantees he’ll wear it. At my size without the reinforced brim, the hat weighs 180 grams. I’m pretty sure that the one his size will top 200 grams! Right now it takes me somewhere over five hours to make a hat.

Eventually I will put together kits for this hat. I’m trying to figure out what to price a kit versus ordering one made. I’m thinking that the kit with pattern will be $20 and commissioning a custom made hat will cost $60. Unless I’m way off on how long its taking me.

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3 Responses to Hemp Fedorah

  1. Anonymous says:

    i love that hat very much. i am proceeding completely by hand hempfibers from plants, this is retting, peeling of the fibers, heckling, carding, spinning. the yarn is not very fine nor soft. i weaved it, but it is not very nice. but crocheting will give a better result.
    is the pattern yet for sale?
    mary from belgium

  2. A bunch of us on Ravelry grew flax together this year! I’m not sure what the fibres will be like, but it was a lot of fun learning. This hat was crocheted. 🙂 Its a standard bucket hat with a brim. If you crochet it densly enough, you can pinch the brim to form the fedorah. I use a stiffener to set the pinch.

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