Teaser on the Way to Coming Back

Its been a very stressful four weeks. I’ve been trying to find jobs to apply to so I have half a chance at this assistance application. Not a lot of jobs out there to apply to at the end of August… I’ve been taking pictures, but not really motivated to post them yet. I’ve also been working on a cotton art yarn that I will stock.

So here is a little teaser blog.

I got a tetanus shot yesterday. Today my arm feels like its going to fall off. I was supposed to visit a friend in TO, and I turned around and asked them to come out to my city instead and be my arms (drive me around) today and tomorrow.

Here are some pictures from the vault. Life is some difficult slogging right now. Seasons are changing, and I’ll change with them if I have to.

From Victoria, BC.

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One Response to Teaser on the Way to Coming Back

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sitting at my work desk gazing at your lovely pictures, especially the water view as it eases my soul of the stresses of life. I was in that position looking for work. Now that I’ve found one and have been working for about eight months I’m afraid it’s that time again! The threat of layoff! No rest for the weary…..

    P. Taylor

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