My Camera Broke

Awwww man. Lens failure every time I try to start it up. This weekend we fixed up our roof so I grabbed my camcorder that also has a cam feature and snapped away for Lisa’s Macro Monday group posting.

The house has cathedral ceilings. Eight inch gaps for the roof and insulation. The existing ridge vent, installed when the house was built, is in serious need of an upgrade. The roof is relatively flat, the snow builds up and we use melting cables to control ice dams on the house. This technical roof ridge vent solution is what we got to do hopefully do away with the melting cables.

Ventilation Maximum is a company out of Quebec that we found online. They had a real live cathedral roof solution, and after looking it over, we knew this is it!

Start with tearing up the old ridge vent. You can see the shingles drape over and cover up all the air moving properties the vent is supposed to possess.

A close up of those things you know you should look closely in a house, but are such a pain. This is a close up of the exhaust fan from the bathroom. No wonder it always melted the snow in this spot a little more than the rest of the ridge. Alright, a second issue that we didn`t quite know we had fixed.

The original ridge vent opening is six inches.


This camera viewer flips right around! Fun to snap a few shots of us getting ready for the loudest part of the work!

Time to cut the ridge opneing bigger. Way bigger. Going from six inches to twelve inches!

With a small delay to change out the blade for a demo job one!

With everything cleaned up and laid out we can install the new ridge vent.

The cap pieces over the ridge, were installed on the first day of work. The vent pieces had to wait for more light and a new day. The new day came in rainy and cloudy. The vent pieces were easy to install though.

I say they make the house look like a mini barn! Its impossible to see the roof of the house from the street. These vent towers only stick up a bit and are also hard to see from the street.

I can’t wait to see what the house is like this winter. I never want to shovel up there again, and I’m hoping this is the techno solution that will make it true!

Hurricane rated!!!

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7 Responses to My Camera Broke

  1. Peter B says:

    Wow, you guys are pros! It looks from the photos like the project really came out well.

  2. Thanks. I love working on the city house!!! Its always so much more (flat and) straight forward than the farmhouse. This thing is a kit so the sheetmetal work came all prepped. Thankfully, we did not find anything ugly or seriously unexpected when we opened up the roof. We only added our wiggly cuts!

  3. emily says:

    Wow…I am impressed with your handy roof working abilities!

  4. Ida says:

    Congrats on getting that new roof up. You are braver then I would be. Once I got up on the roof or our house and then I didn’t want to go back down the ladder. Hubby had to force me to go down.

  5. Kala says:

    That is a lot of hard work. Congratulations on getting it done.

  6. Shahna says:

    Hi There! My husband and I have a house with similar problems and we are going to have this ventilation system installed this summer. Did it help with your ice dam problems? This system isn’t cheap and I’m really hoping it will help. At the very least, not make the problems worse. Thanks!!

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