Raspberry Torte

THANK YOU everyone who helped fill out the survey! My results were accepted. I will post the winners on Friday.

I have received the allowance to start the company!! 🙂 I went on Monday to sign the paperwork, 7 of us in total were accepted for the program. And then I also got a contract job for 5 months, doing admin stuff sort of like I used to. Nothing like being busy!

This is a fabulous raspberry torte my MIL makes at xmas every year.

So yummy!

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2 Responses to Raspberry Torte

  1. Linda says:

    Any update on contest winners, or how it is going with the business?

  2. Sorry for this HORRIBLE delay. I ran away to the US (heh had to get government approval even) so that I can attend STITCHES WEST!!!!!!!!!!!

    I enter the fray today and I can’t wait. As soon as I get back into Canada I will announce the winners and offer everyone a product launch that I have been working out with my advisors in the grant office!

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